I divide my time between commercial and artistic storytelling.

Commercial Work

My goal is to make my clients thrive. To meet their potential, I challenge, encourage and work hard.

I believe that brands with an attractive reason to exist speak to the hearts and minds of people. Clarifying this purpose sets a brand’s storytelling and communications into a coherent narrative. And it is consistency that appeals to the mind.

Engaging brands evoke true emotion. Tapping to the emotional core will forever outdo the rational mind – simple psychology. Most importantly, emotionally strong brands will outlive competitors.

I evaluate my work on a global scale. Only this way are we capable of creating brands with scope to make it internationally.

Image by: Laura Riihelä
About Me

My background for storytelling lies in branding,  strategic communications and creative writing. I have worked in Finland’s leading strategic communications agencies Miltton and Ellun Kanat altogether seven years. Also, I am a published writer and have studied creative writing in Columbia University and Gotham Writers in New York City.