Uotilan leipomo

Uotilan leipomo

Effective marketing concepts


Uotilan leipomo is a family owned bakery located in Pälkäne, Finland. Shifts in the consumption of bread and increased competition demanded Uotilan leipomo to create a new product, Uotilan Kaski, and to renew their classic product, Uotilan Perunalimppu. Uotilan Kaski is a recreation of a traditional Finnishbread, “drying barn rye”, while Uotilan Perunalimppu was upgraded with a new recipe to charm the modern consumers.I created marketing concepts for both of the products.


We began by defining what makes Uotilan leipomo a unique bakery and how it stands out from the competitors. Crystallizing these core selling points was the starting point of the marketing concepts. With Uotilan Kaski we highlighted the interesting production method and the heritage behind the tradition. We also created a synopsis for a TV ad. The marketing concept of Uotilan perunalimppu was founded upon the amount potato the new and tastier version had – it was simply the juiciest potato loaf on the planet.

Uotilan Kaski’s sales exceeded our expectations in the first weeks thanks to the successful TV ad and the attractive concept behind it. In addition, we received lotsof positive comments from consumers and partners regarding the campaigns. We’re looking forward to working with Eveliina again.
Pekka Uotila
CEO of Uotilan Leipomo